Available Products

The Cognibrain


Computer Store
{Brand new PC’s}  with custom AI Installations

Twin Falls Computer Repair
{Drop in}  No-one should have to break the bank to keep the computer working

PersonaPix™ – Photo Services
{restore} High Resolution Photo Restoration
{gifts}      Designer AI art gifts and swag
{pro}        Product Placement, Headshots & Portfolio photos
{biz}        Soon to come – Commercial Marketing Campaigns 

Chatbots – one-click models
{COOL Model™} Child friendly, Offline, One-Click, Library
{SOUND Technology™}  Secure, Offline, Uncensored, Neutral, Dynamic
Find Out More About Our Private Chatbot Software

One-click Software
{ROOP} Face-swap Video Software
{SDForge} Image generation Software w/ starter model
{Stable Cascade} Superior image modeling and Software

Transcription Services
{video-text}  Legal videos, Conferences, Church Services, Business Meetings
{audio-text}  Business Meetings, Phone Calls, Note Taking

…More to Come Soon

Read about our vision and mission statement here.
Check out, “The Ladder” – A blog for those new to working with Generative AI.